1 March 2008

Monster Unleashed

Fine. Maybe not MONSTER... (monster sounds so ganas lar). Beast will be a better word for this.
I wonder if any of u remember one of my previous blog which is about how much i was eating (dont remember then go check la, and act like u do =p ) ...
That eating-like-pompuan-gila-punya-shing was locked up and hidden (gaining weight la haiyo, must jaga ma T__T) till this very day..

Let the story begin.
Today, i went for this audition for this tv program with a beautiful girl name dylla (da la jangan prasan la) at Mutiara Damansara, then we went to IKEA - the home for furnitures (iklan percuma utk ikea, haha) for lunch..
mmmmmm... LUNCH!!! *salivates* *gulp*
i had 10 meatballs!!! woohoo.. and of cuz the fries that comes with it la..duh!!
bukan mcm SOMEBODY... haha.. 5 meatballs pon xhabiskan the fries.. haha.. ey DYLLA see im soo good x letak nama u so org lain semwa xtau... *wink* =p
owh owh owh.. continue story..
then i had IKEA's ice cream... jealous x? hehe...
then i bought the curry puff, but before i reach home i felt hungry again, but i good girl ma, so i tahan la dint eat till i go home..
then i had TWO.. haha..
then xsampai an hour, i go mamak with family and had my 2nd favourite breakfast which is called Thosai, u know u know? =p altho dinner time but still can have fav breakfast wan ok..
wah.. bloated.. and satisfied.. muahaha
guess i just eat alot when i have bad mood.. *sigh* better stop this bad habit or not im gona spend more on food (now oso spend damn alot d. T___T)
but well, now my good mood is back again, thanx to my dono-how-many-hours-sleep last night from 7pm to 9 a.m. something this morning...and the wonderful IKEA meatballs and fries and the very sedap ice cream and the pedas pedas curry puff, dan oso itu slrpppp punya thosai.. wah.. good mood ad..ok la.. and oso my itu ciantik (the way most chinese aunty pronouce cantik) punya kawan..DYLLA.. thanx babe.. =)
im officially fine now.. =) but i think my stomach not that fine la..
macam mau pegi tandas.. aduh... *pegang-ing my stomach*
ok.. brb.. go release submarines 1st.. (yer sound so gross).. =p
what the hell.. i tries to put more space to make my blog look neater but somehow it always comes out like this.. what the hell...
and i wanted to say something else, but i dont remember what.. so.. that's all la.
yer... why her ice cream look nicer wan?
okla... mine looks better now.. =p

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