29 February 2008

today. i feel like killing

im extremely pissed off today. now. this moment
and i bet this will last till the rest of the day till i get my sleep.
so im sorry if i use any offensive words to any of u or in this particular blog.
you can choose not to read if u don wan to ruin my image in ur heart.
the other day i went for this Malta launch where we just do nothing and we get rm 40.
this is the reason im fucking pissed off now. my group got rm 30. why? u ask?
thanx to this fucking bitch which i called a fren. i know i shud never cover up for her.
she lied to all that we will only get rm30, but out of fate i found out her plan and because im such a wonderful friend which i have always been, i decided to keep it to myself. which i dont find it any prob till today. fuck i shouldn't trust her anymore after what she had done to me.
fucking bitch.
she actually bitch abt me, on the official blog of our ex - class.
just because i asked her to held a reunion for the fucking class because we havent seen each other for this fucking long period.
yes, im such a wonderful friend, fuck it. im not doing this anymore.
if that day i just tell the rest about this, i confirm she'll get whack till her fucking ass turns flat.
unethical people.
dont ur mum teach u about honesty and friendship?
owh i fucking forgot. u dont give a fuck cuz ur such a fucking whore.
fuck off cuz ur not my fren anymore.
pls dont call me when u need people to company u to anywhere.
fuck off.

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