28 March 2008

Im sorry

Today is a bad day.
Its all my fault.

Im sorry Dad, for letting you wait for me in front of pyramid.
Im a lousy daughter.
Im sorry Kenneth for being such a bitch today.
Im a lousy friend.
Im sorry JC for making you send us to pyramid.
Im a lousy person.
Im sorry Pam for not giving my best for the play.
Im a lousy actress.
Im sorry Ms Sue for handing up such a crappy essay.
Im a lousy student.
Im sorry Eva for not being able to go for the shoot.
Im a lousy team member.
Im sorry Jess for not helping out for the workshop.
Im a lousy S.A
Im sorry SherRee for not being able to help you on perpective drawing.
Im a lousy best fren.

Im sorry to everyone that is reading this for my emo-ness.
Im a lousy blogger.


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