28 March 2008

Extreme Multi-tasker

Here I am again.


Im doing my assignment in the library, "rushing" is a better word for this i guess..

Today is the due date ad. and all thanx to my all-time-briiliant-brain-which-function-so-awesomely-well... i forgot today is suppose to be the due date, till yesterday. OMG!! rush rush rush..

i realise i tend to blog more when i am stressed, happy, or BUSY!!!

the busier I am.. the more I blog..


blog blog blog.

Im multitasking again..

Im doing my assignment, while reading my friends blog, and checking out (almost)everyone's friendster, facebooking... and now.... BLOGGING!!!

wah Im impressed by myself too..


Shing = extreme multi-tasker.. *claps*


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