18 February 2008

Im NOT a LIAR ! ! !

i always thought being a student ambassador is a fun job...
until today..i finally realised it is not as easy as i thought.
hmmm... it really hurt my feelings wen this student says that im losing her trust.. and she thinks that im a LIAR.. :(
wow.. 18 yrs.. never had someone say tht straight to my face. i almost wanted to give up..
like (_) <<< (contoh of 2 fingers yea..) this close....seriously weyh..
haih.. i always thought if u give the world the best, and the best will come back to you.
I dare say i told her every truth she needs to know. everything she asked i tried my best to answer her.. *sigh* but this is not the best, is it? to have someone doubting you and treat u like a person that wants to cheat all their money.. :(
haiyo.. c'mon la.. no point la i wana lie to u ler.. i lie to u i get into trouble leh..

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