22 February 2008

Edison Chen and Gillian

I bet this must be the biggest topic in town except for the election which is on the 8th of March.
and lagi la now this topic is hot since now edison came out of his so call "hiding" which he claims that he was taking care of his mum and family, and explain about the whole thing. (Sure today's paper sell like mad in HongKong especially.)
Now, be honest, wad is the question everyone will ask to each other recently?
yea! it's : "have u seen the edison's picture?" everyone knows abt it.
but have anyone thought of why is this case so huge?
Because his a celebrity? Because he was always protraying the bad boy image from the start of his career? ...hmm?
You know wad i think? i think its the MEDIA. gosh, after taking mass comm, i tend to look at things from a diff way.
This case prove Mr Tan right, which is the media actually controls alot of things.

WHAT IF the media just kept quiet when they found all this pics? I mean this kinda pictures can be found everywhere rite? by anyone. and we cant deny that some (some means ALOT here yea) couples do take this kinda pictures.

WHAT IF the media sees these pictures as one of the rest? just like every other pictures u can find from the internet / porn-sites... will this case be soo big?

WHAT IF Edison Chen is NOT a celebrity but a just a normal yet gorgeous guy u see everyday in clubs/ street/ malls? will u even bother to follow this news? yea maybe u'll still go n see the pictures, watch the videos.. but the case wont be this big right? or maybe if he really is just a normal guy, this might actually make him famous instead of making him quit the entertainment line.

im not sure, but i may be the only person that still support edison chen. (sorry if im not) i dono.
i was never a big fan of him, i just watch his movie and chat abt him once in awhile. I am not a fan of him.

the reason i dont blame him is because......
firstly, is none of my business and i dont care.
secondly is because i find what ever that he did is actually something tht most couples did too.
so why are people giving this poor guy such a hard time for doing something tht most couple did?
because their kids saw those pictures?
but at the first place, how did the kids found these pictures? why are they watching these videos at the 1st place?
Isnt this the parent's responsibility already??

its just my thoughts that im sharing here. tell me what u think about this.

hmmm. but i do agree with who ever tht says :" pls stop spreading these pictures anymore for it is very unhealthy to the society"

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