17 February 2008

i not stupid too

For the 3rd time, I watched a Singapore movie called “I not stupid too”. Bet most of you heard about this movie before, and I won’t be surprise if you all know the story better than I do because this is a very good movie that I really like.

I like that movie a lot; it reflects the truth and tells the adult what we teenagers think. Sometimes, we really want to be a good kid, a good daughter and a good student. But how often, when we something good, we put in a lot of effort, but end up with nothing. Sometimes its not the achievement that we seek, all we wanted is someone to see that we put in effort; someone to say “great job, keep up the good work”. Everyone wants to be the best, but not everyone can be the best. Sometimes adults asked too much from us, but they never thought of whether what they want is it within our capability.

My mum always wanted me to learn piano, when I was still in kindergarten, my mum already got me a piano teacher. Well, I can’t say that I don’t like piano, but I just don’t like to take piano as a serious thing. Going through exam and theories, is just not what I want. But she never cared. All she thought of was that she likes piano so much but she didn’t have he chance to learn when she was young. So now she makes us all learn piano so that we won’t regret next time when we grow up. Sigh. Adults, adults.

You know, movie is really powerful. Have u ever felt really sad and emo after watching a sad love story? Or feel extremely hyper after you watch a comedy or a happy ending movie such as enchanted or stardust? That happens to me all the time. And it is happening again. That’s the reason I’m being so emo right now.

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