30 October 2007

im not appreciated.. but its okay... sobz

have you ever felt SAD, ANGRY, or DISAPPOINTED after u did so much work, but it's all wasted because your so not appreciated?
that exactly how i felt now. hmmm.
remember that i once did this muffin thing for "OUR" english magazine assignment?
i havta put " " bcuz it not really OUR.. it's THEIR's..
i do my part, they decide whether they like it anot. and Puff!! they discard yor hardwork.
of course im angry, of cuz im sad, how can i not be disappointed? but what can i do? i can't make a big fuss out of this...or better said as..i don't want to make a big fuss out of this. so here i am, spilling out all the feelings i have..
i don't blame them tho, bcuz they are doing exactly what they think is good for the magazine.. so yea, i CAN'T blame them..
owh...they decided to use NON of my pictures..btw..
its really sad since i did so much..
but it ok..im STRONGER than u think..

1 comment:

Jagan no Otoko said...

They decided not to use any at all?? That's seriously unfair.. But that's okay, I know you did your best. I think you did great. Really. :)


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