24 October 2007

FEEL- mmmm~

i have to say, today is one of the best english class i had. well, i must say that i just LOVE spellings and pronounciation. because i'm not too good with it. i like to learn more things.

ehem..*cough cough*
let me be Mr. Tan for few minutes.

EXERCISE : ex-eR-cise
(the "R's" deserves more attention)
LIBRARY : li-BRA-ry (dont forget the BRA) *giggle*

and here's my favourite..dont ask me why i like it.. i just do..

FILM : not FILEM, or FLIM... its FEEL--MMM.

remember kids, pronounciation is VERY IMPORTANT!!

1 comment:

Jagan no Otoko said...

Hahaha the way you imitate him is so cute la... :P


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