18 October 2007

Im NO Artist

i LOVE to bake, but im NOT an artist.

i can't take picture of myself baking, even after so many years of baking and so many years of cam whoring, i still can't manage to take my pic when im baking. sobz.
it's for my english assignment btw. it's a food magazine.

my not-so-glamour-4 megapixel digital camera which belongs to my mum is now covered with butter and flour. you can imagine what kinda shit i went tru just to take those pictures, by myself. this is one of the sample of my not-so-wonderful pictures.

but well.. i have a few good one tho.. this is my favorite...

look sooo delicious.. yum yum..

ermm... MR. TAN , if you ever saw my blog.. now you know how much effort i put in for the magazine.. higher grades? hehehe.. :D

1 comment:

Jagan no Otoko said...

If there're any muffins I like, they'd be the ones u bake hehe. Love 'em! :D


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