11 April 2011

Imma nerd, shoot me.

You know, I’ve always realized this strange phenomenon about myself, where I blog most when I’m at my busiest days! I mean seriously. I just got my website outta the way and I have a day extra to spare, to well, finish up my extremely long list of work, and guess what? I’m blogging instead.

You see, I’ve been very puzzled lately. I mean seriously. I’m dying to tell what I have in mind but I just can’t seem to find my words. Annoying, annoying. And guess what? I still can’t find the best way to tell it so guess I’ll save that for next time. But well, I guess I could share you some experience I had the past two weekends here in the UK, to satisfy your curiosity…

Well, the past two weeks wasn’t the most glorified weekend I had but I think it was something for me to think about. You see, I’ve spent the past two weekends clubbing and… hey I do need to clarify that I am no party girl, even though everyone says that I don’t look like it… well, back to the story, I’ve spent the past two weekend partying, and honestly I had a couple of encounter where guys come up to me, be really nice, and well, you know, show their interest in me. I mean I would understand if those are just some party gesture or something, like you try to get laid, but no, these guys are... well... strange... There’s this angmo that kept texting me and stuff. Don’t get me wrong, he is sweet guy but the thing is, I have this view, which now brings me to my point.

You see, they say that you are gorgeous, or beautiful, but hey guys, here’s the deal, of course I am gorgeous, and I am meant to be gorgeous when I hit the club. You’ve noticed my extra thick eye shadow and concealer and my gorgeous lips that are supposed to look this way thanks to my lip gloss? OK I don’t mean to sound sarcastic or mean, I’m just trying to say that we girls are meant to look beautiful in our makeups and since we are going to the club, we do try a little harder to look prettier than usual. The thing is I don’t want a guy that says I’m beautiful when I know I am. I think no girls would want that, or maybe they do, but I think they would want something more, well, at least I would. I am not always in my makeup and that beautiful straight long hair (narcissist cough cough), you should see me in my baggy home shirts and shorts, running up and down wearing slippers, me in my nerdy black framed glasses… See me when my face is oily from all the cooking (oh gosh now I sound so disgusting) and my hands smelling like garlic… If by then you still think that I’m beautiful, then we’ll talk.

I don’t know if you see my point, in fact, I’m getting a little sleepy to continue explaining my point… but if you don’t, I hope you find my post entertaining nevertheless. Well, heading to bed now, its 3.30am here and I need my beauty sleep. ;)

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