19 March 2011

Let my prayers be heard

What a pain, really, trying to bring my parents here to the UK for my graduation... As I struggle hard here, scratching my head figuring out how to get the best deals and how to juggle with the only money I've got to bring them here, there my mum only worries about the money she might need to be "chipping in". Oh mum, really? Is it that hard to even pretend like you care? Care about your only daughter's graduation?

Why is it what we human often look at the objects around us, looking at our wants and not our needs? Why is it that we succumb to the luring claw of money, lust and other sins, when we can't possibly bring any of these objects to our graves? Why do we linger, upon the materialistic side of ourselves, instead of letting down our hair and for once be free, live life?

Throughout these years, my mum has taught me many lessons, ones that she doesn't even know she did. She has taught me with the value of money, but not from her point of view. Through her eyes, I've seen the importance of money, but also seen how ugly can one be when money is in play. It makes us forget, forget the true meaning behind love, and family. I strive to break away from that spell, yet constantly finding myself drowning into the whirlpool of its dilemma. I tried, really did.

I looked away from the past, the painful memories that at times haunted me when the night goes dark... I turned my back from it, trying to seek a brighter future, trying to instil love back into my family, trying to bring them to see beyond material comfort... Yet I failed again.

I just hope that they would understand.. I wouldn't mind working hard to earn every penny to bring them here; I only wanted the family to be whole again, to be filled with love and joy, just like before, when we were did not let money come between us.

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