17 July 2010

What if, what if's existed?

This is a random list of what do I want now.

  • To eat assam laksa. (forgive me if food comes out a lot later, didn’t have my dinner)
  • To go to Genting, again. ;)
  • To do more photoshoot
  • To stop procrastinating and start doing what I need to do
  • To change my bedsheet.
  • To do mask but I’m too lazy
  • To eat my favourite pan mee
  • To have Dim Sum and good har gao. (hungry)
  • Potato.
  • To stop worrying about what’s done and what’s expected
  • To enjoy every possible moment
  • To go to Langkawi. :(
  • To go to Perhentian
  • To sleep now. Night.
P/s : Miss Shing is now officially graduated. Finally. Me iz happy. :)

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