12 July 2010

Time for a decision?

Life is like a bet, don’t you think? You are taking up a degree program in hope that one day you’ll become successful and reach the top of your career, but how certain are you that you will reach there? Plus, you’ve spent tens of thousand for the program and if things don’t work out, you’ve just basically lost the money you’ve invested.

We make tons of decision on a daily basis, but how would we know that decision is the right one to make? Small matters are like what you’ve decided to eat, and the bet is that your body might not take it and starts rejecting the food, to big matters like where do you go to further your studies, where do you choose to work, who do you choose to spend your life with.

There’s this friend of mine, facing a decision of choosing to give relationship a try again. He asked if that’s the right decision, but really, is there even a right or wrong at the first place? There’s only if you dare to take the bet or not. To take the bet, you’ll first have to know what you’re going to lose if the result turns out be something you didn’t want. And if it happens you need to tell yourself that you’ve anticipated it. That’s how one should take a bet, I know about some people who bet their whole life into something and when it doesn’t turns out right, they cry and whine and ended up committing suicide because they couldn’t take what they’ve lost.

No, life isn’t about winning bets, it’s about how we take risk while we speculate how to minimize the chances of losing, and how we take losing to a minimal level of pain Involves a lot of calculating, speculating and rationalizing. Might not be easy as we humans tend to follow our hearts a lot (biggest example would be me), but regardless of how much we dream about that happily ever after, we need to snap back to the reality and figure if this risk is worth to take, and if you can live with the consequences of such bet.

So, what’s that big decision that you’re thinking of right now?

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