21 June 2010

Udang di sebalik batu

The other day, someone told me that prawns are stupid because they will always go back for the bait, so I thought about it, and realized that humans are not very different from prawns, isn’t it? Human are actually quite similar to prawns, well, not intelligence wise but come to think about it, we humans are a tad like prawns when it comes to relationship.

We will always fall for those that don’t appreciate us, or those that we know will eventually break our hearts. Even when we are already hurt, our hearts are already broken, yet we cling on to them like prawns going back to the bait again and again after escaping from the hook.

Seriously, have you been hurt and yet you still secretly wished that the other person will come back to you? Or have you look at this person and deep down you knew instantly that this is not the person for you and will definitely leave you heart broken, yet you willingly offer yourself to them and couldn’t pull yourself away even though you knew it was already wrong?

Yes, this is just us human, we pray and hope for miracles to happen but end up leaving us sad and down and disappointed. Yet, we continue whining and sobbing and weeping, hoping that one day things would change and we are able to leave happily ever after. But seriously, how often does happily ever after happen?

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