26 May 2010

Oreo Cheesecake

1. I’m entering the 7th month at Sunway Hotel and it’s not THAT bad, after all. AND… Pay check is coming out! Woot woot!

2. Both my favourite series ended and I have nothing to watch now. Maybe I’ll start with Glee.

3. I did something amazing, I started yoga. And has loved it so far, besides the aches that I’m having, of course. =p

4. Somehow when I sleep I always wake up at 5.00am sharp. Regardless of what time I slept. Wonder why. Maybe it’s something like the exorcist thing, only this is 5am and not 3am. Teehee.

5. Cut my fringe and looking hot.
btw the picture is not edited. :p at least I didn't edit it.

6. Dying for the month of June to come faster, and please bring good news with you.

7. Suddenly football seems so interesting. It must be football season soon; I can smell it in the air. =)

8. (empty slot)

9. *Jump jump jump jump* I’m hyper and rolling around my fluffy blankie. YUM!

10. Ok bye.

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