11 May 2010

Long hair short hair

Everyone who knew me would know that I always wanted to cut my hair short, like above shoulder length which I had when I was 18. But then I’ve decided to give long hair a try and I let it grow long again, and it has been two years since. Now, I have really long and thick waist length hair

Of course, during this two years there are always the temptation to cut the hair short again, I mean, long hair are harder to maintain, heavier and definitely uses more shampoo. Then now working, if I had short hair I wouldn’t need to waste 15 minutes a day to tie it up, which also result to the dandruff that has been going on since.

Then I realized, I loved my long hair, that’s why even though how strong the urge is or how much hassle it brings, I could never ever cut it off. Well, obviously there are times when you friends tell you that you look great when you had short hair, and definitely at times their sweet talks and comments makes you feel like chopping that long hair off, but I never did.

I still complain about how hot that long and thick hair can make me feel, I still complain how at time the dandruffs annoys me, but it has been two years, a whole two years and if I wasn’t up for the challenges that I knew was coming, I would have cut that long hair away since the beginning, isn’t it?

Moral of the story?

End of the day if you’ve cut your hair, it could grow back, takes time but it still does, and if you can’t wait there’s also hair extension or wigs. But if you’ve made a rash decision on relationship, it’s harder to get it back, it definitely takes time, and the results are not guaranteed so if there’s a choice to be made, one must always think twice and three times with absolutely no influence from the people around because end of the day, everyone is biased in their own way.

The other day I went for a shoot for some blog shop, and the person in charge was a guy arranging all this for his fiancé’s business, the moment he told me his wife is going to pick me up, I felt really touched and looking at the way they were acting, it suddenly struck me and I remember how I use to have all this.

They did not hug or cuddle or PDA in front of us or anything but it was the understanding, and the way they worked together, the way how they understood each other’s need and how they cared for each other really touched my heart.

I often thought love needs to be sparkling and have the fireworks flying around, but now I realized that love builds on trust and on top of everything else. It is never about the sparks, but the commitment, and the willingness of one to go extra mile for the other.

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