31 March 2010

Game of God

Have you ever wonder if life is a game that God created and you are just a small part of this game where God are controlling? Sometimes when He is too busy with something else, he forgets about you and left you wandering around in the game all alone, bringing trouble into your life and making it worst. Maybe when your life is so screwed up, God will get tired and just delete your character from this game and proceed with other people?

I wonder if God has forgotten me, or if He is just testing my patience level, trying to make me stronger, by trying to kill me first. Maybe that’s why they said what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Maybe God created it so he can see if you are worthy to continue be in this game of His.

I guess He didn’t have enough time for everyone on earth, or in this context - His game. So maybe He would pick and choose, to choose the eligible person, those who qualify for his full attention, and those who doesn’t match up to his expectation, will be left behind. I know by saying all this, I made Him sound so mean but I’m sure He isn’t at all mean, He just have to teach us that life is cruel as it is. I’m certain that He would still keep an eye on the rest, only lesser attention given to them compared to the “chosen ones”.

I am always a sucker for games like Sims, but now, I feel myself getting sick of such games. Because every time it made me think if we are also in the same situation from God’s point of view and if God is watching my every move and controlling if I should go do this or that, or if he have left his game for lunch and left me here screwing up my life.

I know some people, like me myself, are useless enough to only ask for God when we need help, when our life is in a mess and does not know how to resolve them. People like me are absolutely not worth of God’s attention, in anyway possible. Yet we still begged and cried kneeling before our beds and wished he would forgive us and begged that he would now give attention to us.

He is forgiving, I know. But this time, I just want him to delete me off this game. I don’t think I can or want to play any longer. No. I don't want this.

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mohamadyaqin! said...

do not say so, God is always there for us :-)
accompany and we love that we always remember
and you also need to know, we live in this world through various trials and challenges

kinds of tests have been
Therefore, patience and perseverance in handling,

maybe we will be successful in the world and the hereafter


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