11 February 2010

yellow mellow crazy fellow make a pillow

Thank you for tuning into the random hour with Shing the random, you will find the list below extremely random yet full of bullshit and crap. Should you have any problem, kindly click on the x sign on your top right. Thank you.
Now, have a random day! woot woot!

- Shing is awesome, thank you.

- Do you know that Flu, Fever, Gastric, Sore Throat and Muscle Sores don't come well together? I just found out. Yikes.

- Chinese New Year is 3 days away.

- Valentines day is also three days away.

- Some people talk too much, fuck them. I don't give a shit.

- I heart potato.

- I have two pairs of new jeans, one new bed sheet, two new dresses, new panties and a new corset for CNY, and most of them are still in the paper bags.

- They are on my floor at this moment. Messy messy.

- I miss being a student, serious shit LO!

- *waves* because its random

- I had Balinese Massage today. Yum!

- Oh did I say I hate dramas? =)

- Looking forward to... oh well.

- Cats are freaky. this is for Sherree. haha. Puppies are cuter. =p

- I'm so into red, red blanky, red toe nails, red patrick, red....

- I just realised everything is so short so I shall try to make at least one sentence really long so here it goes I think it is long enough what do you think?

- Yes I'm stressed out. Tralalalala

- Good night! =)

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