3 February 2010

玻璃鞋 Glass Slipper

It may look good on you, make you shine, and let you become the attention of the day but who would know the truth behind those pretty shoes.

You’ll need to be extra gentle or it may shatter into a million pieces and cut deep into your feet. You need to walk really slow or it gets dirty real quick and you’ll need to re-clean it for the million of time.

It will crack easily so you got to constantly send it for repair and maintenance work.
Most importantly, it cost a fortune and yet at the end of the day it hurts your feet like fuck and leaves it swollen for the whole of next week.

The truth is, even though a pair of Scholl may protect and care for your feet better, most girls will still go after the pair of pretty glass slipper when they already know what to expect.

Now, tell me, if you’re a girl (which you most probably are), which will you choose? Would it be the comfy, caring for your feet pair of Scholl or that glass slipper that hurts your feet like shit and constantly needs extra care?

The catch for this question is, you won’t know if this pair of Scholl would last you how long, but you’re sure that because you paid so much for this glass slipper, it will last you at least for another 3 years and won’t go out of style.

Now, what say you?

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