21 December 2009

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First of all, I'm please to announce that the three hour long film is no dissapointmeny to me. or probably I never had any expectation to begin with, but it turned out to be exceptionally breath taking. Imagine, I was eating my favourite Cineleisure wedges with ketchup and many times throughout the movie I was basically staring into the screen with one hand holding a half eaten wedges while the other hanging in the air with the packet of opened ketchup. and my mouth was open. Yes, the movie is good enough that it made me stop eating, and no kidding, I AM greedy ok.

Well, it's good in the sense like omigodwadsnext sort of thing. and did I mention the graphic was amazingly detailed that you forgot that you're watching a movie that the whole world is made out of some briliant person's imagination.

As usual, I like to talk about angles and stuff. I think the director really likes close-up shots. I mean, who doesn't? I admire the ability of the director to make close-up shots works and bring out that emotion of the cast, plus, the shots was nicely done, in the sense that it doesn't make you feel suffocated. Not many know how to use close-up shots so frequent in a movie and still make it look good.

I wouldn't want to spoil the story for some of you out there, so I won't be telling much of the story. I can only say that the entire story was nicely done, the flow of the story was smooth, with some narration that makes the story makes better sense. However, like every other movie, this one too has some loop holes here and there regarding the Na'vi world and stuff, it sort of make you ask more question about this other world. Not much of how the world works, but the graphic sort of makes you go "WOAH" with your mouth wide open. All those pretty glow in the dark flowers and those pretty bugs that flies funnily, so you'll sort of get distracted from those scientific mattes of how come its glowing, how come it glows when you step on it, how come this how come that.. .

Honestly, I was too busy staring at those pretty things I forgot to ask those questions. haha. Well, fair enough, when they cannot give you something, they compensate with something else. Basic law of almost everything. If you have fat legs you show off your boobs so people won't realise you have fat legs, they get distracted, you see?
Ah well, it's not the best metaphor but it make sense, so it's alright. :)

Parts of the movie are pretty dry and predictable, but it's a three hour long movie so you sort of see it coming when you bought the ticket so there's nothing much to complain. This movie gave me the same feeling when I watch Transformers 1. I'd like to watch the 3D version and see how good it is. Hey, if I would spend another 17 bucks on a movie that I've watch and it's not a kid's cartoon, you can bet its good. :p

BTW, will be heading to One Utama TGV tomorrow to watch Sherlock Holmes screening, compliments of Nuffnang. :)

Will be coming up with a review I guess, since I'm sort of into writing reviews lately, plus I've been looking forward to this movie since I watch the trailer, so if everything goes well, do expect a review from me, soon.

Till then.

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