4 November 2009

Update update!

Heyya all, don't ask me why did I locked up my blog earlier but I just did. It's some personal things that I shall not reveal more.
However, I figured out that what ever the problem is, it isn't my problem and I shan't punish myself for their problem and those who reads my blog has no reason to stop reading my blog just because some people has problem with this. ahah! amik kau!
BTW, a small update on my awesome life. Not exactly a small one but well, here goes.

  1. First of all, my dear darlings out there, I got a job! Woot woot! and the pay is awesome but I'm not telling you how much. I can only say that it's soo out of my expectation! =)
  2. Then, I'm sick. Sort of. Went for medical checkup earlier for the job and found that I have some funny thing in my kidney apparently. but I won't die, cuz I actually asked the doctor already. "doctor, lidat will die wan ah?" lol. plus it's no big deal, hence I got the job! =D
  3. Went to AAR the other day, then PJ Hilton for my well deserved (cuz I won it) complimentary stay. Long story short, I fainted, I fell, I have blue blacks all over myself (it rhymes!) (you don't want to know where), yet it was the best night ever. I'm too glad that I shared all these with the bestfriend!
  4. Hilton have super comfy bed and really really fluffy pillows! I fluffy pillows! =D
  5. Did I tell you bout the awesome buffet breakfast there too? it's awesome. haha. too bad I wanted to swim or i would have tapau ALL the food in my tummy!
  6. Ms Shing the awesome is starting work next week! =)
  7. I need a new dictionary because my dictionary said friends are "people you know well and regard with affection and trust". I need one that says otherwise. LOL
  8. I miss 'em college mates. won, eva, dylla, eman, jiar, and alot alot more of them... BOOHOOHOO
  9. what else eh? Oh I need to take hepatitis B vaccination. It's effin 3 jap and damnit I hate needles.
  10. I love to watch people singing their originals. It's inspiring. =)
Now I have alot to say. I have more but oh well. =p
Till next time.

p/s: If you don't like what you read, then it's too bad for you. I write what I like.


Lexiecharalle said...

I can jump. HAHAHAHA! :D

hello kitty cupcakes. ^_*

otata said...

1) First of all, I congratulate you in here! wow so happy to hear that =D All the beat yeah?

2)awww is good you passed the medical checkup. But, oh well, you so kind, I'm sure nothing bad will happen to you okay? Good beginning just started for you.

3) ouch, ouch and ouch, you okay? LOL

4)nice comfy pillow? i want too! =(

5) LOL you so funny hahaha

6)hahahah congrats again


8)what about me???????

9)jap jap jap!

10) hahaha nice!

PS: LOL I know, I'm bored so i reply you that way

Shing said...

Sherree: jahat! hmmph

Kimmy: hahahhaha.. Funny la the way you reply.. LOL.. and yes i miss you too!


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