25 October 2009

May hope prevails.

Writing is, at times, like walking on a narrow path alone in the dark. Others might not understand what you wrote, or the motive behind, but no matter what happened, you must stand your ground and continue walking.

There maybe people that offer you light, or a hand, to bring you away from that darkness, but how many of them are truly sincere with their kindness? Do they require a favour, or maybe a slight change on what you have written? Do they require your “assistance”, to write one that is in favour to them?

Indeed, there will be those who are true to you, who assist without asking in return, who guide with no motive but to see you at the right place where you truly belong, but how, how would you know who to trust?

Yes, this is a road less travelled, a road that can be full of fear and horror beyond imagination, but this, is an opportunity, for those who are willing to take a chance, a chance to believe in changes, changes that one day will bring light to not only themselves, but to all.

Those who despise the truth might loathe what you have done, or what you are doing. At times when they failed to lure you away, they would further their quest to stop you with the meanest tricks in the book and nothing, nothing at all will stop them.

Yet, hope is still there, help comes to those who need. One day we shall see that those who once try to bring you down will come to realise that the truth will prevail. Then, nothing will come in the way of those who write.


Lexiecharalle said...

yes this is what i meant. i love the way you wrote this but somehow sounds like the poem we learnt in high school bout the road less taken. :)

Shing said...

Heheh! I got inspired by the poem ma.. =) I wanted to hav that yellowish feeling in my article. to show class and awesomeness. =D

Lexiecharalle said...

class and awesomeness cant be together la. you can either choose one. haha.

Shing said...

yes they can.. haha.. =p


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