9 September 2009

Oh where oh where~~

I'm so serious I have no idea what has happened to me. Must be the stress coming in from both studies and family. I'm going crazy, oh I must be.
I have exam tmr in bout 8 hours and I just came back from watching "Imagine That" and now I',m blogging? OMG?!!!
Did I also mentioned that I haven't started studying at all?

Oh I must be crazy... What the heck happened to nerdy Shing that wants to go UK with all the journalist dream? ARGH!

Study study study... oh no more RC omg I'm so hook to the computer these days.

Btw, just a quick preview, to those who follow my blog for relationship advices and etc, my upcoming post is gonna be about the Chinese Malay relationship. It's kinda like a sequel to it. So hang in there guys and girls! =)

Now, where's that Media relation notes?

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