11 March 2009

yippie doodah!

I have absolutely no idea of what to blog here and what is there to say but I insist on blogging for the sake of blogging and of course it is mainly due to the fact that I am unbelievably bored sampai-nak-mampus here...

Current status : stoning in the office and the possibility of dozing off in front of the laptop is 99.99999%.

I have absolutely no idea what I am typing now seriously I swear I'm just typing every single thing that comes into my poor little over worked head, but the thing is nothing is going in right now because I'm so darn sleepy that my brain isn't functioning, or was it mmg like that already?


Dowan la like this very sien wan la typing nonsense.. but dono why i can't seem to stop typing wor, how? i think i must have "cannot-stop-typing-cuz-wana-pretend-busy-working-but-got-nothing-to-say" syndrome. I'm super sure that this can be fatal because sooner or later I will either get killed by me boss or by the ulat-malas-nak-mampus that is currently swimming freely around me... I swear i can feel them going... WEE! damnit.

hah! you tot no more already right? hahaha.. gotcha! muahahahah....got summo wan i tell you cuz i lazy wana stop typing LO.. you think so easy meh i wana stop writing hah? U think i so rajin to stop acting rajin and show my real self as lazy meh hah? seriously LA.. I tell you all AH... i swear i know im crapping and you people wana slap me on the face and kick me in the ass.. come LA i scare you AH!

ok the end.

absolutely random post -.-"

seriously this is the end ad i swear..

no i'm not typing i'm just telling you all that i wont type anymore.
Seriously! (this is also not typing cuz i wana respond to the statement on top)

Ok la really end ad....
oi stop reading can anot...
why you all so annoying wan i say dont read LO!
see you read summo so means i have to type more right?
so kebabiness la..
tsk tsk..
making me type so much.. tsk tsk..
aiya i dowan waste my time telling you all not to read la because i know you all will keep reading wan i swear.



X said...

s.h.i.n.g lost her screw.
sooo scary but funny...
hahahahahahahahahahahaha XD

LexieCharalle said...



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