23 March 2009

Wishlist 101

*1 - That cute heels in Nose
*2 - That cute yellow dress hanging at the display window
*3 - a vacation
*4 - new lappy =(
*5 - iPhone 3G

Lets see, I guess I'm slowly getting that lil evil feeling called the HOLIDAY MOOD. teehee.
because it is my very last week in this company I intern in. (you all know why I can't put the name here)
and, it's another 22 days to my 20th bday! OMG I feel more mature already teehee.



LexieCharalle said...

what yellow dress??? yellow yellow yellow!!!! my favourite colour is yellow!!! wee... how long since we shopped. -.-

SHINGYEE said...

because of you la.. i also go look at yellow dresses..
got la one really simple yellow dress that i like. =(
don't worry. next week onwards we can go shopping d.. teehee

X said...

22 days and counting before shing get her 1st wrinkle.
muahaha cant w8 to see the wrinkly version of shing.




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