15 December 2008


alright, no more annoying post for today.. I'm too panic to be annoying. =(
Currently at Mcd ss15, was here since 710am till now 9am..
two hours of sitting down, wow, can turn my ass into stone.
I have to go to Bormas for printing so i better come earlier in Mcd so i can go there straight when they open. =)

Tmr is the big day OMG!
for my interview of cuz.
MalaysiaKini interview is TMR! and i haven't have a clue how to go to Bangsar Utama. *shit*
im so dead.
I need to go for crash course on Malaysia Politic lesson 101.
oh no. im so going to die.
cuz i still havent get to study for my "super tough exam"*quote MrAhBeng* on wed.

ok now.
i should get my ass up and walk to Bormas before another annoying malay lady start to occupy the printing lady. *long story*

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