14 December 2008

I need to pee

you know how annoying I can be at times when I just wana be annoying for the sake of annoying people just exactly like how im trying to annoy you by reading this super long annoying post that is annoying you.
Annoying huh?

Im so sure some of you got so use to one of my bad habit (and some even got it from me. =D)
Instead of saying I wana go to the washroom/toilet/ladies/loo/release the yellow thingy inside me*wth*/wee wee/shh shh(the chinese way of saying weewee)/release water so i can add more water/kencing/siawbian/oh liu/pang niu(hokkien)... *yes im trying to be annoying again*
I usually say. I WANA PEE/I NEED TO PEE.

Then i'll look at the person i'm talking to regardless of whether the person layan me anot or looking at me anot with a very kesian-macam-nak-mampus face and twist my leg and hold my hands around my tummy and jump around and repeat tht I NEED TO PEEEEEE.

And then to be even more annoying i'll keep jumping aorund and sometiems pull tht fella's shirt/pants and repeat tht I NEED TO PEE even when the person already says "go la, toilet is there" or "pergi la kencing" or "why u telling me this?" or "i dont need to know" or "too much info" or "wtf go die la tahan ur pee till ur bladder pecah"*ok i made this up*. =D

See im so annoying im even trying to annoy u again by making my sentence so super long without a comma and just keep going around circles and keep trying to annoy u so why are u still reading this annoying post? do u like me to annoy you cuz i can do this all day and keep annoying u and trying to tell u i need to pee again and again till you tell me to go die and shut up.


I need to PEEE..

I NEED TO PEE x 34543times

*jump around*

can i pee now?
i need to pee la.
why u still reading cant u see i need to pee?

i need to pee.
i need to pee.
i need to pee.

see u get wad i mean im so annoying until you dowan to close this window and jsut wana punch my face right smack in the middle and say "haha! die u stupid peeing girl."


I need to pee.
can i go pee?
i....need... to... pee...

i need to pee pee..

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