5 December 2008

Almost died.

I almost died.

Today when we are on the way to college, a motorcyclist came in the middle of the road.
So JC was waiting for the stupid motor to choose his lane but the bike didnt seem like he wana move.
so JC went to the left lane la wana go, but the stupid bike suddenly moving to the left, so we moved to the right again. this time the bloody bike moved all the way to his right WITHOUT CHECKING HIS BLOODY SIDE MIRROR!

and if JC don't avoid the bike, I'm so sure that fella will die ok *ish*.

so because of us want to avoid that bugger who didnt check his side mirror, our car skid like crazy.
from the middle lane to the right lane and to the left. OMG.
The car almost went turning in circles le..
like those action movies. only way scarier

I almost thought I was going to die, and say bye bye to my exams *I really wana take the exam ok, need to go AUT ma*.
Thank goodness JC manage to control the car after that and nothing happened to both the car an the people. *damn i hope tht stupid cyclist dies man just now!*

I'm still shivering man, its so scary.
Sherree, rmbr the time when the car skid near ss19?
this is like that, only way worse.

I really though I'm going to die you know. I was so shocked that I cannot even scream.

Stupid motorcyclist! You idiots almost killed me TWICE! *^$(^%#(^)#&%
and people, when u drive, please be really careful ok?
some stupid people don't drive as cool and great as US. *especially those motorcyclist that think they own the whole blardy road.stupid mat rempits!*

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