27 November 2008

I love puppy! woof woof.

Don't you think puppuies are the most adorable thing ever? =D
they are so cute you wana bite they butt off. =p

I found a new "toy" btw, it's a puppy at the workshop next to my college.
It's so cute and fluffy and best of all! It doesn't bark. =p
I never heard her barking even once ok.. damn cute lo.. =D

Plus, she only goes to girls. *i really don't think she's lesbian tho*
There was once a girl with miniskirt passed by and little puppy just followed the girl all the way till the owner chased her back. =p
hahah.. how cute is that?

Plus it likes to go round and round at your ankle there and lick your feet and wrap herself around your heel there.

here's a few pictures of us *I actually meant Dom and Liyana you know. heheh* torturing the puppy. =p

Cute eh? Half a year. with no name. I wana call her furball because she look like a furball to me. =p
but Kazaf calls her "sui lui bao" which means stupid girl in cantonese

Dom given her a massage. =D

Dom making out with the puppy?

They stare deeply into each other's eye.. aww..


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LexieCharalle said...

SOOO CUTE!!! who's one??


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