19 November 2008

Shingster got a plastic surgery!

I'm sure you all heard the rumour..
that Shingster the hamsterface got a plastic surgery!
Some of you might wonder, if its true?
is it true that Shingster actually went for a plastic surgery?

yes, yes indeed!
Not only she went for a surgery, she had a successful one!
she used to be so UGLY! and now, she cant go out without having 10 guys chasing behind her!
Like OMFG! =p

So here is the picture. as proof.

The before picture *brace yourself people!*

Can you sense? The ugliness?

Now, are you ready, for the BIG surprise?
Wanna see the HUGE transformation??



Wah, Leng lui ar!
Dr. Owhsocoolthatijustfakeditup did a fabulous job, didn't he?
See the nose job, the eyes, and the lips.. U cannot tell she use to be Fugly rite?
Now she have the look of a ROCKSTAR!

Hahah.. I know this post is super silly, just something for me to laugh at myself*and to perasan abit*. =)
and to release out that stress-ness. =D
u like it?

1 comment:

kim-chan said...

What a cool transformation! XD


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