16 November 2008

How to make money?

Money seems to mean alot to everyone *well,it is to me*, especially when the petrol price went up, the effect of money was even clearer.
Thank God it went down again, but we all know the importance of money now, don't we?

I started working at the age of 16 at Clarks *its a shoe shop if u dono*, just to earn money to buy my very first flip phone, well, a samsung flip phone.
I always wanted a flip phone so my dad told me to work for it. and so i did.
I was working everyday from 10am to 10pm, just to earn that RM4.50/hour.
To save more money, I usually don't eat during my break time, but i read books or take a nap, or just walk around pyramid smelling other people's food and see if smelly them makes me feel full.
well it don't work ok, kids don't try tht ok.

so yea, after working like shit,I felt wealthy!
I have savings up to almost 3 thousand plus! like seriously.
When there's no customer I always like to take the calculator and start calculating.
one hour is 4.50, 1 day is 49.50, one month is how much, and so on..
So at the end of the day I had a solid three thousand *and something*! =)
I felt like a queen with all that money, like i can buy the world. *but actually only a phone la*

Then when i buy my phone, I bought a cheaper one, it was around RM800 i think when i bought my phone.
I felt sayang la, wana waste my hard earned money on an expensive phone.
yes its the black little phone you see now. its been 3 years! T___T
but i had to spend all my money for the stupid lousy prom "they" organised which i also helped out.
I swear if i could go back in time i would tell myself to stay out of their business.
Wow, its actually my 1st time after so long, feeling so angry just rmbring how stupid I am giving them my hard earned cash.
ish. #&#%&#@%&$%@$%%&%

Then I was broke again so must start working again.
I worked as a hostess in Dome, where my pay was a bit higher, like RM 5 per hour.
Again I don't eat during lunch break to save money and I have savings like almost one thousand when I finished working to go for NS.
and i spend them all *almost all* in National Service.
I swear if u open a shop near/ in a NS camp, you will earn like mad. Really!
I spended almost 1 thousand when I was there ok.

Then I came back and start college, I worked in G2000 for two weeks and decided to focus on my study.
so now I am jobless and broke.
plus my stupid eating habit that I have cravings for almost everything everyday.
I need more money.

Besides planning to starve myself again in college starting next week, I, Shing-the-super-broke-and-desperate-for-money found ANOTHER WAY!
Yes! ANOTHER WAY! *thanks Chloe*
Me being so nice and kind, I shall share this great way of earning money with all you bloggers/ my readers.
Since you all beared with my super long winded post. =)

This fantabulous way to earn money without even working


Yes! youthsay!
its like nuff nang where they put things on your side bar but NOT ADS!
it's like a badge u see. popping at the side there and also the thingy I have now under my nuff nang thingy.
I started yesterday. and I, Shingthesuperbrokenow, have RM1.75 already!
imagine after a few more weeks! =D
more money for me! *money! makes me salivate!*

Yes, you earn money by just leaving that thingy there and answering surveys on their sites. =)
so if , you wana earn money like Me, click on the thingy that is below my nuffnang things.
it's called "click.this.thingy."
or you can click here to go to the site.
Click on it, and sign yourself up!
and start making your very 1st buck. LOL
*i sound like some annoying salesman. haha*

but hey, don't wait no more! click on that thing there on the right.
You know you want to.
A free RM0.13 will be given to you everyday for the badge thingy. =D
damn cool.
and Sometimes RM1 for a 5 question survey. =D

Hey, free money wor. faster click la.
earn money!
I wont lie to you people la.
faster click on it!

For those who click, thank you, and welcome into the world of earning money.
For u who haven't, click on it la.
We must always remember, that money don't grow on trees.
Suetli said something tht i really agreed on.
When u want to spend money on that something, think of your parent who worked so hard, sitting in the office whole day, travelling up and down, getting scolding by the bosses and clients.
Do u wana really wana spend their hard earned money on JUST a dress/heels/bag/phone? o.0
So start earning you own money la.

Click HERE, in case you missed the link up there. =D

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