3 November 2008

Anything you say, boss.

Maybe, Meng Yoe was right.
Everything in my blog is just emo-ness.
Guess my blog is just pathetic,
Just like my life.

Been trying so hard,
To cope, to blend in,
But I can’t. It’s just not me.
I can’t pretend that I don’t care when I do.
After all,
It’s my future I'm holding
in my hand.

Don’t I just wish?
That I can be like the rest?
Party and party and party,
Nothing else,
But party.

It must be my fault.
I know it is.
Everyone says so,
Then it must be my fault.

I don’t know flowery language,
To protect, or defend myself;
So helpless,
I felt that in myself.
Maybe they are right
I’m just so fucking weak.

Now I shall stay out of this.
And start laughing at myself,
Telling myself,
That I’m just too silly


LexieCharalle said...

u said ur blog is emo but ur still posting emo post and looking down on urself. this is not the bestie i know. wake up!!!! where is the real shing????

Meng Yoe said...

i didn't say emo is a bad thing oso. Haiyo. Do your assignment la.


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