1 April 2008

The- post- without- a- name- cuz- shing- is- too -sleepy- to- think- of- any. =D

It’s been a tough week for all of us; I believe everyone can see that from the extremely huge eye bags and dark circle beneath each other’s eyes. T_______T
I think we can create an IACT Panda Club already, membership open to all that looks like panda with the huge eye bags, which I believe will include the whole college, the students and the staffs. =)

I’m so tired. Everyone is. The workload here is already crazy enough, I can’t imagine if I went to The ONE academy, what will happen to me. Sher Ree a.k.a my best friend is currently a student there taking advertising and art, or something like that, and she sleeps at around 3 – 4 am EVERYDAY!!! Can’t imagine what will happen if I am there, people as lazy as me, plus the less intelligent I am compared to her *okay i admit...*, I don’t think I can even sleep at all!!! T______T

Thank God I’m at IACT, oh IACT, aku cinta pada mu. Muahahaha. At least I don’t need to sleep at 4 am everyday, good enough. =)

Well, 1st of all, I must mintak maaf la, kat all the people that actually reads my blog, because the last few previous post was a little bit too emo, and I AM NOT an emo person ok? I just… well… it’s been a tough week ma, what you expect right? =p

Secondly, gua mau say thank you to you all people that took the time to ask how I felt, it really helps a lot, well, although I won’t really end up hanging myself, but, I really felt stress la then… No worries, now I okay ad. =) See my happy face? *grin* =D

Hey have anyone watched “Ah Long PTE LTD” yet? My cousin says it’s really funny, Eva and Alexandra said so too… but I haven’t watched it yet… T___________T Can someone tell me if it’s nice so I don’t need to waste my money so watch some not good movie? =)

Damn lazy want to go home la, nothing to do there also, T____T Then have to take bus home alone, I DON’T LIKE!!! T_____T
Sleepy la, anyone wants to be my pillow? *yawn*

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