8 April 2008

7th of April 2008

This blog was written on the 7th of April, 2.18 a.m. at Genting Highlands. Too bad I can’t post this up straight cause here got no internet access, sad. T___T

Wondering why am I still up at this hour of time, at Genting some more? I am doing my shooting with my team members for field production techniques assignments, which is to shoot a horror movie. Creepy right? We came all the way here to shoot this kind of movie. But nothing we can do la, we want the best for our video, so we choose the best place we can think of.

The reason I’m still up is because I am waiting for our shooting which is around 4 am in the morning, which means I have 2 more hours to go. Oh God, the tiredness. I can feel all the “sel-sel” in my eyes complaining saying that I’m such a lousy owner. Haha. I can imagine my eyes swollen when I get back home and go back to college. Well, at least now the people in college can see a panda. =)

I want to sleep, but one thing about me, is that if I go to sleep but not getting enough sleep, I will become very grumpy and blur. So to avoid all those things from happening, must well I just don’t sleep only la. Hope the shooting can end early and we can go home early too. I’m feeling really tired and I WANTO SLEEP!!! Yawn…

I still got 1.30 hours to go, so I will continue writing till I feel asleep on my baby laptop, or till they all wake up. =) this is going to be an extremely long post. Haha, alright la, I won’t write too long la, later cannot post then how? Haha…

A lot of people telling me that Genting not cold ad, well, wait till they come here to Amber Court. I’m freezing here, and I sleep with shorts and singlet at home with air-condition at 23 degree (my room is very small). So you can imagine, a girl which is used to all this is now wearing 2 sweaters, and jeans, and still shivering. FREEZING!!! Can anyone turn down the air-cond please? *shivers*

Oh yea, I was telling Dylla they all, to go PD after our exam on May, to relax and unwind. So tired ad after such long semester, I think I can go crazy if this continues to go on. Anyone wants to join us on our vacation? The more the merrier, and cheaper also, so come come, join us!!! Haha.


I’m sleepy. I think I want to stop crapping d, because I want to save my energy for the shooting. And now is 2.45 am. *yawn*

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