8 April 2008

2nd post in Genting

This is the continuity of the previous post.
Its 7.52 am in the morning, and we just finished a little part of our shooting. My fingers are turning purple thanks to the extremely cold weather here in Genting Highlands. My poor fingers are almost frozen that I can hardly type this post. I think my brain is frozen too because I did not sleep for 24 hours already, and now I still need to think of a new storyline to fit our timeline since we are so lack of time. All of us want to leave as we are all exhausted and hungry. We had only Maggi since last night and barely have any rest since then.

My brain is stuck but I still need to figure out a way to link our entire story together. Everyone else is catching up with their sleep, while dear Eva and I here squeezing our brain juice trying to think of something. Not only we are lack of time, we are also a member short. One of the members decided to back out last minute and now she got us into this big shit indirectly. I can feel my eye lids getting heavier, but I need to stay awake to keep the group going.

Eva too couldn’t stand the tiredness and finally fell asleep. I am again the only one awake. Let them sleep, poor crew are dead tired. I think if we don’t have shooting, we can all sleep till tomorrow evening. Everyone in the crew deserved a good night sleep, as we have done a lot for this assignment.

Alex is working and she went for prayers yesterday morning, although she got a short nap last night but obviously it wasn’t sufficient even for anyone here. Hunter slept only half and hour on Saturday night and need to drive all the way up to Genting, he even skipped class to help us out, thanks a lot Hunter. Dylla also had a long day and she wasn’t feeling well since yesterday, might be the week of the month coming to pay her a visit, but she hold on and helped us out, poor Dylla. Lastly is the bubbly Eva, she was trying her best to stay up the whole night. She only got 2 hours sleep since last night. It’s great to have such great members in the team to work with.

I know I’m not suppose to blog this time, but I need to do something to clear my mind, and the instant soup isn’t helping much. Think Shing think!!! What else can we have?

(well, in the end I fell asleep also… haha)

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Linus Linnaeus said...

The greater the challenge the greater the accomplishment...facing production difficulty teaches you to be better prepared next time round....sounds like you really worked hard to pushed through...thatin itself is showing great spirit and is a good thing...


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