16 March 2008

Botak boy...

Two days of tiredness (edu fair), fuh.. finally i can start blogging again..
Just came home from education fair, and i cant wait to share this with u guys...

When i was on my way down to the bridge tht links to ktm at mid valley, i heard this man scolding a kid, saying ;"next time i dowan bring u gaigai ad..."
and i tot it was funny cuz i love it when parents say tht to kids cuz it sound so cute, dont u think?
So out of curiousity, I turned back and saw a old man (shud be granpa i think), was holding a little boy that look sooo innocent and he's botak.. so cute rite? yea i know.. haha..
so u know la, when we see little kid we'll tend to smile at them cuz their so adorable..
so yea la, i looked at him and smile politely.. then i turn back in front la..
Then i heard the old man say.. "see, people laugh at u ad.."
I tot he was the joking joking way..playing with the little boy... but when i looked back..

I was shocked..

i saw the old man kicking that poor little boy, and holding his fist, like wana punch him lidat..
i wanted to go in front there already and stop the old man, but then i scare i yg kene whack.. hehe...
wad to do ler... haih..
then? then i went off la.. haiyo..
but kesian that boy la, just bcuz i smiled at him cuz i think he's cute,then he kene kick by his granpa...

sorry little botak boi...
*pats head*

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