18 March 2008

18th of March

This post is for you NS people, and u too fina. =)

One year ago, I step foot on a strange ground, where there are more than the 3 races, and life was way simpler than it is now. This place changed my life, my thinking and showed me the truth.

This place, was a nightmare for some people, espeacially those who did not know about the beauty of nature, and those people that don't know how to have fun.

This place, is call Kem Bumimas, Sibu, Sarawak. Most of you definately remember this sign. A sign board where we all refuse to see when we need to go back to the camp from our favourite outing.

The moment we arrived, the graveyard behind the dorm gaves us all a chill, the place looked creepy, and the weather was really warm.

I met my first roommate then, Dayah. We walked into dorm Langsat, dragging the heavy luggage we brought from our home. There, i knew my 1st fren from Sarawak, this briiliant girl is called Tiong Fui Ping, from a small town in Sarawak - Sarikei.

Our 1st activity, if im not mistaken, was to create our own kompeni flag and present it in a week time. I was leading the group then, and from there i got close to more people, like Amir, Zul, Fina, Ein, etc...

Then we all started to have a whole lots of activity, which occupied my mind through out the time. Then i got close to this group of briliant people due to the 9 days holiday for good friday, easther, and ching meng. These people is Fina, Ein, Yan, Dayah, Hanis, Jess and edah. And we call ourselves the "Ganster", because we were like the big sister in our beloved dorm langsat, and the JL's actually calls us gangsters, which did at first create an awkward time between us and the JLs.

There were alot of up and downs in our NS life, but life was way more simpler back then, we just need to follow the schedule and the rules (which we love breaking them). Everything that happened running tru my mind as if they happened only yesterday.

The time when we all crawl up tgt and shiver because there was only 9 of us in the dorm, talking about ghost stories, and how Hanis shivers when we talked about "pau suri". The time when we all sit by the ironing place, making ourselves fat by eating maggi and drinking nestum. We all love maggi tomyam and asam laksa. The time when we sang together with ein's voice being the loudest. The time Yan jump around the dorm holding her "cute" little hairclip. How every night i need jess to company me to the toilet. those were the best time in the room.

dear frens, remember the huge wall for kembara halangan where i dont dare to jump down from? its call tangga kambing... I still rmbr how Fina and Hanis stood by me and cheered for me while the rest left me behind, and i rmbr how Cikgu Yusof let me step on his shoulder to come down, then i got teased forever for that. I remembered that feeling when i was the only chinese representing my kompeni going for the Tali Tinggi, that feeling when i jump down, i will never forget, the feeling when all the cikgu said i've grow up, that was the best time. I finally overcome my fear for drains. Thanx to my dearest frens and JLs...

I can hardly forget our meal time, sitting at our favourite table, 2nd row from the front, right behind the JLs table. Eventho we dont mind sharing the table with the others, but they always leave the table when we put our plates there. Then we always got misunderstood by the rest saying that we are racist and me and jessie was a traitor of our race/religion. Then how we always have our meals with abah joining us chit chating, and also cikgu "telor" that love to talk about telur...

Sorry my dearest fren, but I cant talk much anymore, but i will always remember those wonderful moments, wiht our favourite JLs, and all our great friends.

Abah, Komandan, daddy, baba ali, cikgu dan, cikgu iskandar, cikgu ju, cikgu gee, cikgu ein, cikgu aya, cikgu yusof, ustazah, ustad, cikgu "prist", cikgu polis, cikgu kayak, cikgu yue, cikgu menti, cikgu lang, cikgu maslyn, cikgu norma and lots more where i can't really name all of them.

Fina, ein, hanis, jess, yan, edah, dayah, ping, suh ping with her jiatuh jiatuh, jevelyn, evelyn, queen, zul, gang serkup, mas, ju, ira, aslam, purple girl (which we finally ok ngan her), leno, amir, nadz, adib, redzuan, teck, ana, ammar charlie, august, james, joanna the sweet girl, lum, linda the girl yg blackmailed me, mizi, zakwan and lots more.

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