5 February 2008

Gong Hei Fatt Choi?

Can u believe it? Chinese New Year is like the day after tmr weyh!!
Damn nervous weyh.. (i dono why oso).
and guess wad? i will be going back to my not-so-far-away gramma's hse which is located in a small little town called Nilai.
that place is sooo boring!!
a place with NO housephone (which means no unlimited calling, T_T),
NO internet connection (walao!!no facebook weyh!!nooo0O T____T ),
NO tv, ok la got tv la.. but my bro will stick to it every single minute..so got no difference la.. NO tv T_T
the only "cun" place they have there is Giant.. (wad the hell?i dont even go Giant for my groceries shopping ad weyh, i go carrefour wan weyh)

But well, besides all those, at least one thing is worth celebrating....

lets hope i get lots and lots of angpau.. hehe..

hey u!!!
u la reading my blog wan..
where's my angpau? faster faster.. dont play play ah..
better gimme now.. :p

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