29 January 2008

CONFESSION of a beautiful girl. ;)

Okay, i have a confession to make.

Well, actually...
erm.. :D ... how do i say this so that i dont look stupid?
Fine!!! Here goes, i... dyed my hair yesterday. but the color wasnt obvious.
Yes Kenneth, I DID dye my hair.. and that's why my hair stink like hell yesterday, IT WAS THE CHEMICAL LA, DUDE!!! T__T
Well, here's why my hair color doesnt really stand out..
it's bcuz it's brown. *no im not lying to myself*
i dint get the wrong color la, i wanted it this way la.. so it look natural ma..
i mean i cant carry out the blondie hair look, or that ooh-my-hair-looks-like-it-caught-fire kinda look..
so i decided to stick on the safe side la... but i didn't expect the "safe side" to be this safe (that i havta admit la).. T.T
But it still look good on me..
so now..say it looks good..say it! SAY IT!!!
"ur hair looks really good Shing, wow.. love the color.." << (it's NOT me pretending to be someone else)
haha.. call me a pretender (what ever tht mean), or a perasan'er (im not sure whether this word even exist but wad the hell)..
you can call me anything u want, but i know my hair looks good..cuz it's not black anymore.. it's BROWN!!!
now people cnt ask me am i from Korea, but if they do, im gona answer them :"Hello Kawan, cant u see my hair is BROWN??!!! why u think i put in so much effort just to dye my hair brown? huh? lu mau gaduh ka? mali la..lu ingat gua takut ka?..(ok it's going too far...hehe.. [-.-"] ) "
there.. see for yourself..
i told u it's brown!!! :p

dont tell me that u see no diff...


¢нαмιуα said...

hey, jus wana say ur hair looks nice :)

..shing.. said...

thanx!! :)

Jagan no Otoko said...


There, I've commented. Haha.

YeeWon said...

err..i don see any different! :P eehehehe!!! come chase meeee i make u mad :P lalalla!!! *runs away*


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