16 January 2008

WOW!!! very very long blog...

Fuh!!! so tiring... it has been a hectic week for me this few weeks..

Last week was my exam which ended on Friday, then on the next day i went to help out at the education fair for two days - saturday n sunday (12/1-13/1).
Monday, i went to college to let MR LOW to check the progression for my final project.
Tuesday and Wednesday(which is today), IACT held the exploration workshop, and as a Student Ambassador, i went to help out the marketing people(Jess, Fran and Sandy). Well, altho i was having fun, but its quite tiring as well since i was rushing my CG project to meet the due date today *sigh*.

Lets not telk about CG, now, continue to my schedule...
Tomorrow, finally, i'll be able to have a good sleep, or more like hibernate..haha.. since theres nth to do tmr *yay*..
wait wait.. Thts not all..
This friday, i'll be going to Pangkor with student council till this Sunday.
Then one day rest, my second semester will officially start on the 22nd.

WOW... such a tight schedule huh..

Haha... but it was so fun!!! Im not sure whether i told u guys before, tht i kinda lost myself lately? Well i did struggle for a short period of time... but guess wad? i think im getting back to myself again... hahaha..I had alot of fun since i joined student ambassador. Im so glad tht Kenneth asked me to join with him and im grateful that i joined with him. haha.. Many thanx to marketing ppl as well for letting me be one of the SA.. ^^

Now, its time to talk bout CG again.. *sigh*

This is my third wan ady, the 1st two idea/work was rejected by Mr Low *cough cough* ... This third wan, finally got the approval from him*surprise surprise*.. because i did not do that well for this one either.. hehe..but he did say tht i wont get an A..*sigh*

Well, disappointing, yes.. but at the same time im relieved as well... finally after this mental torturing not-able-to-sleep two weeks, I GET TO SLEEP!!! hahahahaha...
By the way, to all that haven't see my final project, here is an attachment of my final work..since u guys wont be able to see it in the gallery..
Enjoy, i guess...

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