24 January 2008


wah wah wah... Finally start class d..
Okay la. Class started two days ago, which was on the 22nd of January,
But yesterday was Thaipusam, so obviously I was still in the holiday mood.. *snores*
Hehe, now... its time to WAKE UP and GO TO CLASS!!! Lets hope that i don't fall asleep in the class.. haha.. *Pray*
*sigh* im already missing Mr Tan's class... He's the best lecturer(pls la sir..don't perasan)..
or maybe im just too used to his way of teaching... Gosh!!! i MISS Mass Comm and Presentation Skills and Comm English... *sigh*

Well... Lets pray harder that the other lecturer's class will be as fun... or better...
i CANT wait.. for... im not sure wad.. but i just can't wait... haha...

Okie.. Time for class..
wake up now.. Nerdy mode on.. and STUDY!!!

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