26 September 2007

For u..the most important person in my life

dear Gramma,

There's so many things i wanna tell u, but i really don't know wher to start..i wana tell u that im reali sorry,because i was never a good person,or a good grandaughter...but i really thank God that what ever happens i still have u in my life..no one else on this planet can take away my love for u..n i wont allow it if any one tries to take u away from me.
Altho i was born in a complete family,my relationship wiv my mum is not that close..so i always felt tat i dont seem to belong at home.but i always love to mmet u on Sundays where i can juz sit back n relax,as well as enjoying all the tasty food u prepared for me..den I'll help u do the dishes,altho u told me not to do it.
I wish i could tell u tat how i missed u wen i was away for 3 months.the hard life in Sarawak camp reali makes me wana juz sit nx to u and do nth.the terrible food there makes me miss u even more,altho ur cooking is always simple..but i just love them..even thinking abt it now makes me hungry.. =D..
But lately it seems lik there is something bottering u..u seem so worried,sad,tired...must be because of 5th aunt's death right?i know ur depressed,n sad...it makes me sad everytime i see u,ur white hair seem to be growing more n more..it makes me felt even worst when i know i cannot do anything to make u feel better..im sorry..but the only thing i can do is just be with u..
Somehow there's alot of ppl i know left n went to another world..It makes me worry everytime wen theres someone died..i cant help thinking that one day u might leave me here alone in this world.it just makes me cry everytime this thing came into my mind...

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Jagan no Otoko said...

What a touching post. Your grandma would be happy and proud of you if she read this. :)


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