18 October 2011

Left alone

Of all the bad deeds I did and mistakes I made, they haunts me, karma chases after me with what I feared most – being abandoned, being disputed, being neglected, rejected. That’s what left of me now, a rejection.

I cry with regrets in my heart, grief of my sorrows, the constant pain that stayed. I kneeled and prayed, hoping God would lift my curse and grant me what I’ve lost. My prayers are left unheard. Neglected.

I reached out to the ones I cared and loved, secretly wishing for their forgiveness, their trust and love back. I was being pushed away. Rejected.

I can no longer bear the pain I hold, I can no longer face the sorrow I keep, the wound has become too deep. I can no longer even stand the look of my own face, it disgust me

Surrounded by thousands, but I’ve never felt more alone; putting up a smile, yet it’s merely another cosmetic to conceal my pain.


Hayden Abdul Rahman said...

happened to be here after I googled about the interracial marriage. You are a great lady with a great vision, that's what I can tell for now! :)

MelzKC said...

hey sista, i just saw your blog post, whats wrong? :( whats app me ok if anything... loads of love from home~ :)


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