16 August 2011

Happy Birthday!!!

This post is dedicated to my dearest brother Melvin Teoh, whom I knew for about nine years now.

He’s been there for me since Form 2 and has been enduring my crazy phone calls when I was at the lowest point of my life.

I even remembered last year, there was once I called him and he was about to head into the cinema, but he answered my call anyway, and patiently listened to me cry and rant over the phone.

We don’t meet up or talk often, but when we meet it feels like we’ve been hanging out every day.

This is the guy that brought me to have my first banana leaf rice in Bangsar, and went shopping with me and still camwhore with me. :)

*posted this picture because it was taken on the day we had the banana leaf rice. :) Sorry I couldn't find pics of us tgt

Dear Kc, I cannot imagine not knowing an amazing person like you. I truly thank you for always being there for me, now that we are in absolutely different time zone and different countries we haven’t been talking to each other much. However, I am certain that our friendship never grew apart and I know that we’ll still be good friends for the many years to come.

Dear bro, happy birthday to you. I will see you back in Malaysia, and this time, it’s my turn to buy you pizza vs satay, okay? ;)

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