23 September 2010

The untitled, vol 1

Hey everyone, it’s been awhile since I’ve updated on my blog, isn’t it? Or it just felt long because I’ve travelled from one place to another in a 14 hours flight so everything else seems like forever? I don’t know. But if you’ve follow my twitter or Facebook I’m sure most of you already know that I’ve arrived in the United Kingdom safely, and I’m pretty much getting use to the things around me. Just that there’s so much to learn and the jetlag (I think it is) is making me feeling tired all the time! :(

Well, for a person who like taking pictures , my camera has been sadly neglected over the past days as I tried to get use to the whole new environment here, hence you won’t see much of pictures here. But I’ll try to take more eventually as time goes by, so bear with the long, and full of words posts at the moment. :)

Nothing much to ramble about; this place is a quiet little town that has mostly everything, a shopping mall, a few supermarkets… Just enough for me to survive, I guess. Right, so before I go on and on rambling about my university, do let me share something that happened today, just a moment ago, with you darlings.

First of all, bear in mind it has just entered autumn here so the weather is sort of turning cold. Right, where was I? Ok, I was at an event organized by the Uni, something we called a “movie night”, watched two movies and when we came out, it was really cold, on top of the autumn thing; it rained so you can imagine how horrifying the weather was. I could see smoke coming out when we talk. :) Well, my place was some walk from the building we came out, so it was really a torture to walk that about 8 minutes journey. Then, I looked up and saw stars. :) Being a “Jakun” that have lived in the city my whole life, I was mesmerized and forgot how cold I was. Yea, tell me about it, but you can’t really blame me either, I think the night sky is really beautiful and it’s something we don’t see every day in Malaysia… Yea that’s the thing I wanna share, that I saw pretty stars on the sky. :)

And I also saw sunset, well, almost sunset, but the clouds was so pretty! :D Yea, I bet now everyone do realized how easily amused I am. :p

Oh well, that’s it for now, I need to go drink my Nestum because this is so freaking cold! :(

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