10 September 2010

Hungry for some potato. :)

Seriously, I am not in the blogging mood and hence the long abandon blog. Poor blog, it has been abandoned as facebook and twitter slowly take over its poor mistress’s world. Oh well, but now I’m back in action (not for long I bet), I guess it’s time for some short updates. :)

1) I iz no longer working in Sunway Hotel, my last day was on the 9th and my colleagues made me cry, they bought me pretty gloves and hats and scarf. (sobs)

2) I’m flying off on the 18th, but I can’t seem to recall the exact time to fly. Tell me about it. Guess part of me wanted to stay.

3) Nope I’m not done with packing, if you’d like to ask, I iz procrastinating.

4) Yes, you might have realized, I’m into using “I iz”

5) My visa isn’t approved yet, I’m getting worried. OMG.

6) Lost something important today. It has been affecting my mood since. Well, until I’ve got a touching SMS from someone awesome. :) But I’m still sad okay, I love that thing.

7) If anyone wants anything from my house (that belongs to me) or from my closet or something, let me know, I might give it to you since I won’t bring it over anyway.

8) I didn’t pack my luggage, just chucked everything in. Now it looks full even without the clothes. Apa ini?

9) Me iz sorry for the recent emo post on my blog, I got hooked to QuoteBook. :p

10) My biggest craving now is for a blackberry bold 2. It’s for me to keep in touch with those that matters. :)

11) Ok I lied, I want a ramly burger first.

12) Want to watch Resident Evil Afterlife. (hint hint) (fingers crossed)

13) I don’t know what’s for number 13.

14) I’m bringing Patrick J and Ninja to UK. Woot!

Ok, that's it. See you all soon, or not that soon.


1 comment:

静风乐园 said...

Going for study?If got chance....meet up in UK next year....hope u still be there when I'm going....



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