30 July 2010

Death in the family

One thing that I’m most afraid of, besides all the other things that I might have mentioned in my earlier posts, is actually losing someone. Well, who likes losing a person in their life, but what I meant is losing someone for good.

There has been a death in my family, not someone close, but I practically grew up with this person around and because he lives next door to my grandmother, I use to see him every weekend. His death was pretty much expected, he was diagnosed with cancer at the final stage, and he gave up on all the treatments and has finally left us on Wednesday night at 10:30PM.

Of course I wouldn’t feel as much pain because I wasn’t close to him, he is just a distance relative but somehow, with him leaving, it added more to my fear of losing other important people in my life.

Truth be told, I was feeling really upset because I’m going away and I’m so certain that I am going to miss all the people around. Then this came up and make me started thinking again. I have about 50 more days here and the only thing I should do is to spend quality time with the people that matters to me instead of spending my time here sulking and being moody, right?

Ok, I can’t exactly think of a good ending here, but all things must come to an end, right? Just like our lives, so fragile, so precious and we’ll never know when it’s ending… So, promise yourself to live everyday to the fullest so when you look back, there’s no regret.

Rest in peace, Uncle Zai.

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