19 April 2010

Going nuts. like peanut butter without butter

Now, I'm going to be frank. I am not okay so don't bother asking if I'm okay because if you asked I'd say "I'm fine no worries" anyway. Why am I not okay? I have not a slightest idea but it's okay. I'm currently a tad over the top hyper and feeling a wee bit mean with a pinch of boredom so do expect to see all this in this post of mine. If you don't like hyper flavoured mean with boredom then no need to continue reading okay because later you get cirit-birit don't blame me.. :D

Right, I was saying. If I could drive *okay I can drive just don't have a car*, I would drive myself to the nearest beach and sit by the beach and stare at stars. Love those shiny things on the dark dark sky. Ah... The stars.. Yum!

I have the worst addiction ever, at the moment. I'm overly addicted to Chili Padi. I added three (biji / buah) Chili in my Maggi yesterday for brunch and for dinner tonight I added five, into my Maggi. again. and it wasn't sufficient. really. GAH.

Oh and I was just reading a blog by this really pretty girl and I feel ugly already. She is cute and yet she called herself Fugly, Fatty. Cis. If she is really fugly I wonder what am I? Elephant? GAH.
*Takes deep breath*

I am pretty I am pretty I am pretty I have small boobs I am pretty I am pretty I have big arms I am pretty I am pretty. ok now I feel prettier again. ok I lied. :( Fugly Shing. I need to feel pretty again. I miss those photo shooting session that makes me feel awesome. Now I feel so, yuck. like really.

I really think being 21 is over rated. I don't feel any difference. And I haven't received like a tons of present so I don't think its any significant. Haha. What kinda logic is that... But I did bought myself a white gold chain to match my pretty key pendant and a new white gold ring. :) the best part? it's shiny. like stars.

Yes darlings I am stressed out hence the really weird way I'm blogging now. I almost absolutely no idea what am I typing yet I am so awesome that I manage to type out everything I wanted to say. in a really bimbo-tic way. but its okay. we girls deserve to be bimbo every once in awhile. especially when the whole worlds wants you to be some grown up with fake smile that you're not. :D

Tralala. Did I mentioned I wanna cut my hair? I is missing me pretty fringe. too bad I can't find a decent picture of myself in fringe. Oh well.

Okay. It's 12 am. gotta hit the sack. night everyone. :D

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