7 March 2010

Fuss Free Relationship

Yes, fuss-free relationship is something that I personally think that is getting popular nowadays. I came up with the term fuss-free relationship but it actually meant relationships that have no strings. Like, no commitment. You enjoy this person’s company, you date and hang out with this person, to a certain extend you sleep with this person, but he or she is not your bf or gf. It’s a very selfish relationship but to some, this is a better way of life. Because you can basically enjoy everything in a relationship, minus all those commitments you gotta make, and the stress you face when your gf or bf questions you where have you been or what have you been doing.

Some came to me and asked me about this, whether this sort of relationship is worth going after. Well, because I’m such a love guru to my friends and have given a lot of advices to them, I guess I gotta have my say on this as well.

Honestly, I think its fun, to have a relationship without commitment, where you can be with the person you really like, yet you don’t have to go through all the hassles and problems people in the relationship faced. You can have this person here, and the same time go out with 10 different other girls, and she will not say anything because she is not your girlfriend. You can go out party all night and take loads of pictures with other guys and he can’t do a thing because, well, he is not your boyfriend, either.

Sounds fun? Yes and no. I believe the start of this relationship is fun but it will get complicated when it’s time. Why? Because humans are humans, we have feelings and it grows. Scary but true. One of them will start to feel jealous that the other person hung out with other girls, but she won’t be able to say anything, so as a normal girl would do, she hung out even more with other guys, and that leads to arguments and etc. Or they both kept things inside and one day things just became different and things are not as fun anymore. It’s not easy to find someone that can accept the person they like to be with someone else, that’s human. We are all selfish people so we hardly share, especially when it comes to something as intangible as feelings. So yes, I think this sort of relationship is hard to sustain, fun but hard to maintain.

Of course there can be an exception, it is either the both of the couple only wants to have fun and no feelings are involved in this situation, or one of the two has got to sacrifice. For example he or she has got to understand that things are mutual and even though it is not pleasing to the eye or heart, they’ve got to accept it as the way it is.

Complicating? Indeed.

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Eileen said...

Haha.. I agree. But I think I like having the fuss-free relationship before deciding on whether to make it official or not. At least to get to know the guy first. Did that with my bf and it's pretty ok. but at certain times I sorta wondered if I could date other guys at the same time. :S


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